Reviews of Contributors’ Books

Given the meltdown of the nuclear core at Fukushima I approached Andrea Moorhead’s Fukushima Dreams ( ISBN 978-1-64662-925-1 36 pages perfect bound $14.99) with some trepidation. Would they be dreams or nightmares? The opening poems, imagistic, naturalistic, had me wondering where Andrea was going with this. Then in the third poem, Letter from Fukushima, came the line, ‘nothing glows here,Continue reading “Reviews of Contributors’ Books”

Reading a Poem Chases the Blues

WROCLAW, 1945: Patty Dickson Pieczka — In memory of Pola and Kazik Surprised the day’s heart still beats  when sunlight lies prone in the street, and wounded trees, so thin and wasted,  fan the scent of death lodged in his nose, thunder rumbling his mind. What could be restored from nothing? He wades through theContinue reading “Reading a Poem Chases the Blues”

Submissions for Osiris 97

We will be reading submissions for Osiris 97 from June 1 to September 15. Please send 3-6 unpublished poems & a 60-word bibliobiography: OSIRIS is looking for translations of contemporary poets. Submit 3-6 unpublished translations, copies of the poems in the original language, short biblio-biographies for translator and poet, & a letter of permissionContinue reading “Submissions for Osiris 97”

From Sam Smith’s The Journal

Osiris 82 Languages in use this issue of Osiris, #82, (60 pages perfect bound $20.00, PO Box 297, Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342, USA. are English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish. Not sure what the opposite of synaesthesia music-colour is, but in this instance Hanne Bramness claims that snow light is noisy. Andrea Moorhead herself seems to pick upContinue reading “From Sam Smith’s The Journal”

Ramblings on Poetry

Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, French, Romanian, English… Swiveling points of view….a poem from under the tablecloth or next to the window, a poem from the dried blood of major catastrophes, a poem from dreamland or the labyrinth of daydreams, a poem chiseled from prose, from speech, from exclamations of wonderment, a poem-photo,Continue reading “Ramblings on Poetry”