Ramblings on Poetry

Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, French, Romanian, English…

Swiveling points of view….a poem from under the tablecloth or next to the window, a poem from the dried blood of major catastrophes, a poem from dreamland or the labyrinth of daydreams, a poem chiseled from prose, from speech, from exclamations of wonderment, a poem-photo, a photo absorbed into words, a gaze, a glance, a profound silence.

Blue poems, rose poems, turquoise poems, translucent poems.

Printing the tongue on paper, the stuttering of air, the great deep murmuring of the throat… moving towards sharing the flickering of attention, the focus of attentiveness, drooping sorrow, ecstasy, contentment….

Eternal spring or looking behind the window….

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