From Sam Smith’s The Journal

Osiris 82

Languages in use this issue of Osiris, #82, (60 pages perfect bound $20.00, PO Box 297, Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342, USA. are English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish. Not sure what the opposite of synaesthesia music-colour is, but in this instance Hanne Bramness claims that snow light is noisy. Andrea Moorhead herself seems to pick up on this in her prose poem pieces, Mutterings from the Source. Indeed many of the poems here, perceptions skewed, even strips of Robert Moorhead’s b&w photos being offset, appear to attempt an understanding of what is yet beyond understanding. And all is presented in the usual quality production.

Osiris 90

I had thought that, in these peculiar times, all that I would be talking of here would be these ‘peculiar times.’ That however was to underestimate the dedication of editors and publishers. For instance the latest crossborder, international issue of Osiris #90 ( 60 pages perfect bound, $24.00/€22.00). This issue opens with a prose poem of wonderful whimsy by Paul B. Roth. The next time I found myself brought to a halt was by the English translation from the German of Matthias Politski’s poems, conventionally spaced. Whereas Andrea Moorhead’s prose poem Vigil had a delightful, preposterous even, touch of magic realism. Similarly Astrid Cabral’s, translated from the Portuguese. The issue enlivened as usual by Robert Moorhead’s enthralling visual fantasies.

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